About Cunningham Sharping Levers

These levers function smoothly and quickly with the least disturbance of a harp player's hand position - the action is by finger or thumb tip close to the string and through a very short distance of rotation. The color-coded, adjustable levers avoid wear on harp strings since the contact cam is made of high-lubricity Delrin®. The strings ring from adjustable brass frets oriented identically as the bridge pins so that sharped strings have the same tone quality as open strings. The patented lever design permits the strings to be suspended close to the harp neck, greatly reducing torque and consequent warp of the harp neck and column.

Sharping Level Update:

Gold plated Camac levers now available, $10 each.
Other makes of levers also availabe if requested.
Mouse over the figure to see lever action.
Customer Comments
"By all means quote me Bob. I wasn’t sure I would be able to adjust to flipping this type of lever when I first got the harp. But now I think it’s much easier than other kinds and I do think it saves on string wear. Thanks for making harps that are beautiful in so many ways."

PH, Anacortes, WA

"It is a great pleasure to recommend the lever system of Cunningham harps. I have played these harps professionally for more than 20 years and can testify to their many attributes. When the levers are engaged, the quality of the sound is just as resonant as when they are not, something I have not found in many other lever designs. Also, they do not change the plane of the strings, so whether they are engaged or not, the strings will always be even. They are accurate in pitch and are designed so that they can easily be regulated. I would encourage anyone looking for a Celtic harp to check these harps out. Their quality is truly superior."

NR (Atlanta Pops Orchestra), Atlanta, GA