Harps by Robert Cunningham
Harps by Robert Cunningham was established in 1980 for the creation of finely handcrafted early harps. My construction techniques have evolved over twelve hundred-plus instruments with many satisfied and repeat buyers around the country testifying daily to the durability and rich tonality of all Cunninghams. My loyalty to any buyer is a given: my guarantee is without a time limit once you enter my harp owner "family".
Some of the Features
  • Traditional soundboard construction - not a plywood
  • Round-back soundbox, incurved edges - very comfortable
  • Brass-inlaid neck for reinforcement - will survive a tumble
  • Delrin/brass blade-type sharping levers - completely adjustable
What's new from the shop?
The Cunningham Neoclassical harp:
Neo Classic Harp
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Audio Samples
Comments in June 2010:

"Absolutely the perfect harp for accompaniment of voice and for baroque music. An echo of the wire-strung harp."
     - Cormac De Barra, Dublin, on the Cunningham Neoclassical harp

"A high-born lady."
     - Jim Flannery, Atlanta GA, on the Cunningham Neoclassical harp

"Really this is a masterpiece. I can hardly believe your attention to detail. And the sound is fantastic; you'd never know it wasn't a giant harp. I am so very VERY happy with this. I can't belive I own this lovely, perfect harp."
     - Lisa, Fredericksburg VA, on the Cunningham 36 String harp

One Cunningham harp owner recently wrote to me:

"Dear Mr. Cunningham, I have been playing one of your harps for 17 years, and I want to tell you what an outstanding instrument it is. I was only 12 when I got it and didn’t appreciate what a high quality instrument it was. What I love most about it is the dynamic range; other harpists often say how amazing it is that I can get so much sound out of such a small harp. I've never had to amplify it, even playing in large crowded rooms. The tone is also incredibly sweet. A friend of mine who is both a harpist and a physicist once commented on how well-designed the levers are. Most of my friends complain that their levers noticeably change the sound of their strings, but that is not a problem with your levers. And after all this time all the levers still produce a true semi-tone. I’ve tried many other harps including..., all of which have left me disappointed. They either don’t sound as good as the Cunningham, or they are harder to play, or both. I every day think how lucky I am, not only to have a harp, but to have one of yours."